We live for good taste!

As a family of winemakers, we associate this motto with every glass of wine.

Our wine is not only a drink, but much more a philosophy. We combine the traditional craft of winemaking with innovative ideas and knowledge from modern research. In harmony with nature, we have been producing high quality wines for you for many generations.

Convince yourself!


Ihre Familie Gorges-Reinhard

6 Hektar Weinberge
seit 11 Generationen
7 Rebsorten im Anbau
17 Weine

The winery

For now more than 11 generations we run the winery Gorges-Reinhard in the family.

In the middle of the last century, the former mixed farm of agriculture and viticulture was developed into a pure winery and continued by Dagmar and Hans-Otto Gorges.

With the arrival of the new generation, the winery will be ready for the future with new ideas.

The winemaker

Winemaking is always an interplay of tradition, experience and modern knowledge. This is reflected in our company by two acting generations.

Master winemaker Hans-Otto Gorges has experienced a lot in his more than 40 years of professional life to be able to correctly interpret nature and the needs of the vines and the wine.

In 2020, son David completed his dual viticulture studies as a “Bachelor of Science”. This was followed by internships abroad in the USA and Australia to gain experience in international winemaking.

The youngest family member, Simon, is studying “International Wine Economics” at the “Geisenheim University”. He deals with the areas of marketing and marketing.

Of course, our bosses act in the background, holding the company together and always being there when there’s a fire. Wife and mother Dagmar and daughter Johanna.

Our philosophy

We live pleasure!

We want to share this guiding principle with our wine friends.

The old cultural asset wine is and remains a modern experience. Produced by us sustainably and with a lot of joy, it reflects the creativity of our work. Since we  also love to drink good wines, they do not have to worry about our quality standards. 

With every sip of GORGES-REINHARD you experience pleasure and joie de vivre.